Tips To Cook Healthy Food – Bally Chohan Recipe

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Bally Chohan a well known Indian curry Chef in the UK always believe in cooking food tasty as well as healthy. Bally always believe that there is no rocket science involved in cooking healthier food. You just need to keep some basic techniques in mind. Bally Chohan presents below some tips for making your food healthiest:

Start using Grill more

This is a well known fact that the grilled foods have less fat than the normal cooked food. As everyone knows the grilled foods are exposed to direct heat. There are several health benefits of grilling vegetable and meat products rather than cooking. You can avoid fat contents in the meat by grilling it and can retain vitamins in vegetables by not frying and just grilling them. The secret of making grilled food healthier is to avoid the use of butter, cream or any kind of sauce. Since the use of these products can increase the calories in your grilled food.

Steam your food

No problems if don’t have grill at home. You can still cook your food as healthier without using grill. Try and steam your vegetables instead of routine cooking. By steaming your vegetables you will help vegetables in retaining minerals, Vitamin B and potassium etc. Don’t worry; the steam food is not tasteless. You can make your steam food tasty by adding some lemon juice, ginger and some light spices.

Roast your meat and chicken products

Roasted chicken is a well sought after dish in Asia pacific region. You too can roast chicken, meat or potatoes at home. Roasting always takes place at very high temperatures. You will need an oven to roast food products. Unlike steaming the roasting has to take place in an open pan. Roasting is purely a dry technique.

Baking used for cooking also

Most of the people only think that the baking can be used for preparing cakes only. No… You can use baking to cook fish, vegetables and other meat products. The best part of baking food items is that you don’t need to add sauce or any unnatural add on the baked food. Baked food in itself is very tasty to eat.

Love eating Fried… Try Stir Fried

Some people love eating fried food. If you are amongst those then you just need to try stir-frying the food instead of routine oily frying. Stir-fry is an age old Asian cooking method. This is one of best and easiest process to cook vegetables. Moreover you don’t need to add much oil. Just add a pinch of oil and fry for a maximum of 5-6 minutes.

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