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Pani Puri Recipe By Bally Chohan Recipe

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Delicious and most loved snack can definitely be Pani Puri. People are easily found on the streets with their families and friends thoroughly enjoying Pani Puris. Pani puri is well known as Golgappe at many places. It is merely a combination of spicy water (pani) with some fried puff crisped... more

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Bally Chohan Recipe: Dal Bati Churma

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Bally Chohan Recipe Dal Bati Churma

Rajasthan is the place which is famous for its rich and traditional culture all over the world. Rajasthani’s love their food and are very visible from their preparations. Dal Bati Churma is the most know dish from the state. Trip to Rajasthan is half-done if you have not tried for Dal... more

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